[ht:home] retro arcade machines

[ht vendor] retro arcade machines

[ht:home] retro arcade machines (modify, copyable, no transfer)

  • mesh, materials enabled
  • LI 2 each
  • black, brown & RocketWars versions
  • scripted to show any texture dropped into the machine’s contents on the screen face, if texture is removed, screen returns to default black/blank screen
  • texture templates incl. (full perm AO & UV maps, blank and game over screens for personal use)

[ht+] external fixator

[ht+] external fixator 4-3

[ht+] external fixator (modify, copyable,  no transfer)

  • mesh, materials enabled
  • unisex
  • preconfigured versions to be worn on left or right thigh
  • 18 colours
  • 4 swabs textures
  • hide/show swabs
  • resize scripted