[ht:home] hexagonomic lounger set

[ht home] hexagonomic lounger PACK 4-3

[ht:home] hexagonomic lounger set (mesh, modify & copyable)

  • lounger: LI 4, 8 lounge poses, 5 sit poses, 9 glow colours
  • side table: LI 1, 9 glow colours
  • lamp: LI 1, 9 light/glow colours, 3 light/glow intensity settings
  • plate of food: LI 1
  • tablet pc: LI 1, working web browser

For creation.jp 03/21/2015 – 04/18/2015

[ht home] hexagonomic lounger 4-3[ht home] hexagonomic side table 4-3[ht home] hexagonomic lamp 4-3[ht home] hexagonomic decor pack 4-3


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