customer service FAQ

Customer Support

Before contacting us, please do read the instructions notecard(s) provided with your purchase!

For any questions, suggestions or to report issues with our products, please contact RavenMordecai inworld via IM. Do NOT send us notecards. Offline IMs go to our email, notecards do not.

Please do report any issues you run into! We cannot fix something we’re not aware of.

Customer support is available in English or German only.



If you did not receive your purchase or accidentally deleted anything you bought from us, please visit the Redelivery Terminal at [ht:headquarters].

In the rare case your purchase does not show up on the Redelivery Website, please contact Corvus Szpiegel inworld via IM.



All sales are final!

In case of an accidental double purchase of a COPYable object, please contact Corvus Szpiegel inworld via IM.


Custom Work

The answer is no!

We do not do custom textures or meshes or change the textures for any existing product. Not for a fee. Not even if you previously bought the product.

We also do not change permissions on anything, for any reason. This also means, we DO NOT sell anything with full perms. For gifting, please use the gifting options of our inworld vendors or on the Marketplace.



We do not give classes.


Rentals / Satellite Stores

We’re not interested in renting any stores or further land.

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