[ht:apparel] voodoo doll

[ht apparel] voodoo doll 4-3

[ht:apparel] voodoo doll (mesh, copy only)

  • jinx your friends and enemies
  • 5 painful original animations
  • voodoo HUD
  • holdable voodoo doll
  • holdable voodoo needle (modify)

For Genre – The Dark Arts, starting February 15th 2015

voodoo doll - info

[ht:apparel] voodoo doll avatar

[ht apparel] voodoo doll avatar 4-3

[ht:apparel] voodoo doll avatar (rigged mesh, copy only)

  • rigged mesh avatar
  • full body alpha layer
  • shape (modify)
  • 5 attachable unrigged voodoo needles (modify)

Made for Genre – The Dark Arts, starting Feb 15 2015