[ht+] hand splint

[ht+] hand splint 4-3.png

[ht+] hand splint (mesh, modify & copyable)

  • for Slink CASUAL (female) / RELAXED (male) hands only!
  • unisex
  • left and right versions with and without thumb included
  • 25 colours | 3 colourable zones (HUD-controlled)

[ht+] ankle brace

[ht+] ankle brace 4-3.png

[ht+] ankle brace (mesh, copyable & modify)

  • unisex
  • fits default & mesh avatars (optimised for Slink Flat Feet)
  • left & right versions incl.
  • colour-change HUD with 25 colours | 5 zones
  • hide lowest part of brace to fit into shoes more easily

[ht+] knee brace

[ht+] knee brace 4-3.png

[ht+] knee brace (mesh, copyable & modify)

  • unisex
  • unrigged, editable mesh (upper & lower leg attachments)
  • left and right versions incl.
  • HUD-controlled texture change with 25 colours | 4 zones

Made for Genre “Roller Derby” (02/2016)

[ht+] cervical collar

[ht+] cervical collar 4-3

[ht+] cervical collar (mesh, copy & modify)

  • unisex (two premade sizes included)
  • works with default and mesh avatars
  • texture-change HUD with 50 textures | 2 texturable areas
  • built-in pose

FREE UPDATES have been sent to everyone who bought the previous version! If you didn’t receive your update, please visit the Redelivery Terminal at [ht:headquarters]!

[ht+] underarm crutches

[ht+] underarm crutches 4-3

[ht+] underarm crutches (mesh, mod & copy)

  • unisex
  • 2 Li each
  • works with default and mesh avatars
  • AO for injured left or right leg
  • texture-change HUD with 25 colours and 5 colourable zones
  • axis-based resizer script

[ht+] wrist brace

[ht+] wrist brace 4-3

[ht+] wrist brace (mesh, copy & modify)

  • unisex
  • unrigged mesh
  • left and right versions included
  • 25 colours / 6 texturable areas
  • optimised for Slink Avatar Enhancement casual/relaxed hands & physique

Available exclusively at Genre “Urban” from October 15th – November 11th

[ht+] soft knee brace

[ht+] soft knee brace 4-3

[ht+] soft knee brace (fitmesh, copyable)

  • left and right leg versions incl.
  • male and female sizes incl.
  • HUD-controlled texture-change (21 brace colours, 4 bandage versions)