[ht+] medical eye patch

[ht+] medical eye patch 4-3 promo

[ht+] medical eye patch (mesh, modify & copyable)

  • unisex
  • works with default & most human mesh avatars
  • left and right versions incl.
  • texture-change HUDs with up to 64 texture options available
  • axis-based resizer script
  • two texture sets have been created in collaboration with CURELESS[+]

[ht+] spread sheet - medical eye patch MP


[ht+] nose splint 2.0

[ht+] nose splint 2.0 4-3

[ht+] nose splint 2.0 (mesh, modify & copyable)

  • unisex
  • single piece of mesh, LI 1
  • 18 splint colours
  • 2 colours for band-aids and padding
  • clean and bloody options

[ht+] nose splint

[ht+] nose splint

[ht+] nose splint (modify, copyable, no transfer)

  • sculpted
  • unisex
  • resize and texture-change scripted (unscripted versions incl.)
  • 4 different textures (clean, clean w/ blood, dirty, dirty w/ blood)

(released 2011-06-19)

alternative textures:

[ht+] nose splint - alternative textures