[ht:home] wine and cheese

[ht home] wine and cheese 4-3

[ht:home] wine and cheese (mesh, modify & copyable)

  • LI 1 each
  • materials enabled
  • single wine bottle and glass included

[ht:home] barrel lid wall deco

[ht home] barrel lid wall deco 4-3

[ht:home] barrel lid wall deco (mesh, modify & copyable)

  • LI 1 each
  • materials enabled
  • purple & green version incl.

[ht:home] minimalist living room

[ht home] minimalist living room - fatpack 4-3

[ht:home] minimalist living room (modify, copyable, no transfer)

  • mesh, materials enabled
  • modular couch – 7 different couch elements, 8 single animations each (loveseat has 8 additional couples animations)
  • couch available in 3 leather colours (black, red and beige)
  • steel coffee table
  • sideboard
  • two rugs
  • deco pack consisting of picture frame, vases trio, fruit bowls (red and green apples and empty bowl) and stacked magazines
  • steel standard lamp
  • fatpack, single colour packs and single items available (except for deco pack)

[ht home] modular couch - spreadsheet
[ht home] minimalist living room - black 4-3
[ht home] minimalist living room - red 4-3
[ht home] minimalist living room - beige 4-3
[ht home] modular couch - black 4-3
[ht home] modular couch - red 4-3
[ht home] modular couch - beige 4-3
[ht home] steel coffee table 4-3
[ht home] minimalist sideboard 4-3
[ht home] steel standard lamp
[ht home] minimalist rugs 4-3
[ht home] minimalist decor pack 4-3