[ht:apparel] cigarette holder


[ht:apparel] cigarette holder (mesh, modify & copyable)

  • Li 1
  • toggle glow & smoke
  • 3 wear options: mouth, left hand, right hand (static poses for hands)
  • 3 colours availalbe: black, silver (shown), gold

[ht+] hand splint

[ht+] hand splint 4-3.png

[ht+] hand splint (mesh, modify & copyable)

  • for Slink CASUAL (female) / RELAXED (male) hands only!
  • unisex
  • left and right versions with and without thumb included
  • 25 colours | 3 colourable zones (HUD-controlled)

[ht+] medical eye patch

[ht+] medical eye patch 4-3 promo

[ht+] medical eye patch (mesh, modify & copyable)

  • unisex
  • works with default & most human mesh avatars
  • left and right versions incl.
  • texture-change HUDs with up to 64 texture options available
  • axis-based resizer script
  • two texture sets have been created in collaboration with CURELESS[+]

[ht+] spread sheet - medical eye patch MP

[ht+] ankle brace

[ht+] ankle brace 4-3.png

[ht+] ankle brace (mesh, copyable & modify)

  • unisex
  • fits default & mesh avatars (optimised for Slink Flat Feet)
  • left & right versions incl.
  • colour-change HUD with 25 colours | 5 zones
  • hide lowest part of brace to fit into shoes more easily

[ht+] walking cane – the dapper

[ht+] walking cane - the dapper 4-3.png

[ht+] walking cane – the dapper (mesh, copyable & modify)

  • LI 2
  • materials enabled
  • unisex | default & mesh avatars
  • animated and posed versions (unscripted version incl.)

[ht:home] wrought iron sconce

[ht home] wrought iron sconce 4-3.png

[ht:home] wrought iron sconce (mesh, copyable & modify)

  • Li 2 each
  • animated fire & particle smoke on/off on touch

For Genre “Medieval” (03/2016)

[ht+] lower leg prosthesis

[ht+] lower leg prosthesis 4-3.png

[ht+] lower leg prosthesis (mesh, copyable & modify)

  • unisex
  • left and right versions incl.
  • hide/show 7 sections via HUD to wear prosthesis with regular shoes or long pants
  • ┬áincl. alpha layers for left, right and both legs (incl. full perm alpha textures)
  • incl. stump socks for left, right and both legs on all regular layers and with Omega Appliers, in both white and flesh colour
  • 25 textures