[ht:home] small palm tree

[ht home] small palm tree 4-3.png

[ht:home] small palm tree (mesh, modify & copyable)

  • Li 1 at ca. 4.5 m height

For Genre “Islanders” 07/15/2016 – 08/11/2016


[ht+] wrist brace

[ht+] wrist brace 4-3

[ht+] wrist brace (mesh, copy & modify)

  • unisex
  • unrigged mesh
  • left and right versions included
  • 25 colours / 6 texturable areas
  • optimised for Slink Avatar Enhancement casual/relaxed hands & physique

Available exclusively at Genre “Urban” from October 15th – November 11th

[ht:home] antique desk set

[ht home] antique desk set Allan 4-3

[ht:home] antique desk set (mesh, modify & copyable)

  • desk: LI 4
  • chair: LI 3, 9 single sits
  • 5 colour versions and fatpack available

available at The Pier Market OCT 12th – OCT 29th [Theme: Edgar Allen Poe]

[ht home] antique desk set Edgar 4-3 [ht home] antique desk set Lenore 4-3 [ht home] antique desk set Nevermore 4-3  [ht home] antique desk set Poe 4-3[ht home] antique desk set PACK 4-3

[hate this] neo candles

[ht] neo candles

[hate this] mesh – neo candles (modify, copyable, no transfer)

  • mesh (materials ready)
  • 0.5 LI each
  • 14 texture options
  • 12 light colours
  • toggle glow, light emission and fullbright via menu